Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nomad 12V Auto Cord washer review

Nomad are becoming the go-to brand for powered cleaning solutions for all sorts of sports, and having tested their well-designed 12V entry system we can see why.

The whole unit has a quality feel, with nicely designed removable Neoprene pouch for the hose and head, plus soft-touch sprayer, filler cap and carry handles. The tank gets a built-in filter bag in case you're filling in the field, and 14 litres is ample for two dirty bikes or three if you're efficient.

The hose plugs into its own fundament to stop leaking and the swivelling tank attachment reduces the chance of it getting snapped or kinked. The spray gun adjusts from jet to spray with a smooth, progressive action and it's proved robust too. Hose, power switch and power cable are all widely spaced to avoid splash issues too.

Despite Nomad's claims, the actual output isn't noticeably more powerful than other similar units, but it shifts dollops of heavy mud from machined crevices well enough. You'll need a pre-wash or a rag/brush to get frames clean.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

Original: Road Bikes & Gear

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