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Tour Down Under's KOM's tackled in community ride


Registrations now open for Challenge Tour 2012

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ASO can not stop Contador racing Tour de France


Delay in CAS hearing confounds race organisation

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Contador CAS hearing set for August


Updated: UCI will seek disqualification of 2011 results

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Vuelta invitation is reward for hard work, Skil-Shimano says


Riders already motivated for race

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Christina Watches-Onfone looks to strengthen team for Tour of Denmark


Rasmussen eligible for national team, federation says

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Oakley Radar Sunglasses review

The Radar evolved from the classic M-Frame and has found favour with cycling legends such as Mark Cavendish, Lance Armstrong and the Schleck brothers.

The main features that make the Radar so special are the light weight and superb optics.

Add to those the ability to customise them to your exact specification – you can select frames, colours, lens shape, and tint – and you’ve got a great pair of glasses.

Our custom pair of carbon frames, black grippers and a selection of two lenses (a primary VR28 lens and a second persimmon lens for low light, vented to counter the misting that can occur on dim, dark days) plus a hard case and spare nosepiece will set you back £225; the range starts at £130.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine.

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Bianchi Infinito 105 review

One of the legendary names of Italian bike building, Bianchi has been peddling cycles since 1885.

Italian greats such as Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Moreno Argentin, Gianni Bugno and Marco Pantani have all raced the distinctive celeste (turquoise) bikes, although the Infinito is a more relaxed Gran Fondo bike rather than a Grand Tour contender.

The frame has a correspondingly thin and graceful look, with the tall, 185mm head-tube reinforcing the cruising intent behind its ‘Coast to Coast’ decals. Tapering tubes include Kevlar vibration-damping panels in the fork blades and seatstay ends.

Bianchi fans may be disappointed that the signature celeste colour is restricted to a few frame swatches, ‘custom’ decal FSA finishing kit and anti-cable rub tubes – and we weren’t keen on the big black and white ‘Star Wars Stormtrooper’ cable adjuster blocks that interrupt the clean, internal cable routing.

There’s nothing malevolent or imperious about the ride of the Infinito though, with the organic looking tubes building into a naturally sprung and compliant ride that places comfort first. Fizik’s Aliante saddle and an FSA carbon bar noticeably reduce general vibration levels over every ride surface, and the Infinito even took our sections of test cobbles and cratered back road in its easy, stable-steering stride.

If you’re used to a more direct, aluminium-framed ride or you like your bikes sharp then the amount of fluidity between tarmac and rider can create a slightly uneasy ‘icy road’ feel until you’re used to trusting the bike.

The tall head, soft fork and long stem give it a less than laser accurate attitude to cornering and, when you put the power down, there’s a bouncy, soft carpet feel which isn’t helped by the weighty Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels and overall bike weight.

Once you’ve spun it up to speed though it’s not likely to rattle you out of your rhythm or give you a bad back. As the flex is throughout the bike rather than from just one element it’s a balanced and predictable ride. That means once you’ve learnt to trust it it’s perfectly happy swooping and swinging through country lanes all day long, aided by Shimano’s 105 transmission and FSA compact crank.

Highs: Effortlessly relaxed and very comfortable cruiser with a matching high rise position and rattle-hoovering components and composite inserts.

Lows: The softly sprung feel and heavy wheels dull dynamic feel for more aggressive riders. Kit value is low too.

Workshop view: All-internal cabling mercifully provided with removable access panels, requiring a 2mm Allen key and a Phillips screwdriver.

Buy if: You want a legendary Italian name on a super comfortable ‘Coast 2 Coast’ cruiser rather than a passionate podium hunter.

This article was originally published in Cycling Plus magazine.

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European Training Centre gives GreenEdge access to "best facilities"


Bannan says agreement with Australian Institute of Sport makes perfect sense

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Beppu becomes the fourth Japanese to complete the Giro d'Italia


RadioShack rider thankful to Contador for his good action for Japan

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