Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sundog Attack sunglasses review

Generally speaking, the extra money you’ll pay between the most expensive and cheapest sunglasses goes on the lenses, so we were pleasantly surprisedby the clarity of vision given by the Mela lenses in this set of sunnies.

These are ‘melanin infused’ to filter blue light, reducing glare and improving contrast. Our testers didn’t know that – but reported a brilliant experience with reduced flicker under trees, sharp vision whether under white cloud or in bright sunlight, and good perspective.

Vents in the lenses also meant they hardly ever steamed up, and cleared in a few seconds when they did. The frame is comfortable, with an adjustable nosepiece and soft, grippy arms.

The only problem we found was a tendency to get stung in the eye through the vents when the wind picked up.

Original: Road Bikes & Gear

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