Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brand-X X-90 pressure washer review

This car-powered pressure washer does a decent job for under £100 but its simple design does require more care than others. At under 5kg empty it's the lightest of the electric washers by a long way, and 13 litres is enough to clean two bikes even if they are properly filthy. There are no frills like a removable water tank or filler filter but you do get netting pockets on the side for the cable and hose.

The actual cleaning performance is practically as good as its pricier competitors too, just slightly more random in how it changes from jet to spray. That means it'll shift good chunks of muck out of awkward bits like fork crown braces and down the back of front mechs when it's fresh. You will need to pre-spray with a cleaner or get the brush/rag out to get frame tubes properly clean though.

While nothing actually blew up while we were using it, the fact that the hose and power cables come out very close to each other can mean potential splash problems so be careful how you connect it.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike

By: Road Bikes & Gear

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