Sunday, April 24, 2011

Planet X Stealth aero bar review

This semi-carbon-fibre cockpit looks great value, but it’s relatively crude in use. The modular design uses sideways slideable clamshell pods with no fewer than six bolts to lock them onto the bars and hold the skinny inboard end of the extensions in place.

You get various spacers to change height of the armrests and six holes give three different width adjustments. There’s no angle change possible on the pads though, and the fat pads aren’t particularly comfortable.

The base bars are stiff and the deep double-barrelled horns have direct-fit brake sections with corresponding slots in the aerofoil bar section. It’s best to reverse-fit the cables for simplicity though and the extensions aren’t slotted for gears. It’s not as light as you’d hope from carbon, but then it’s less than half the price of most competitors.

Origin: Road Bikes & Gear

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