Friday, March 23, 2012

Elite Mag Speed turbo trainer review

Elite's basic remote resistance trainer is surprisingly noisy and rough. Bolting the magnetic resistance engine onto the simple square frame is a relatively quick job and the frame is solid on the floor and across the axle clamps.

Despite a deceptively small flywheel there's plenty of spin-down time, which stops things feeling choppy. The five-step resistance lever on the handlebars should give plenty of punishment in the higher settings but our sample stopped fighting a few minutes into the first session. 

There's a surprising amount of saddle buzz from the metal roller too, making longer workouts uncomfy. Noise levels are much higher than we'd expect from a premium brand turbo too. The bottle and DVD of the last part of Milan-San Remo add some compensation though.

This article was originally published in Triathlon Plus magazine, available on Zinio.

Original: Road Bikes & Gear

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