Friday, January 27, 2012

Endura Deluge winter gloves review

Endura's Deluge winter gloves have plenty of features, but aren't always as amphibious as the name suggests. The double cuff gives good sleeve sealing and there are plenty of reinforcing panels. 

The snot wipe isn't on the thumb but all the way up the forefinger, meaning there's a decent length to wipe your nose with when the cold weather causes it to run. The fit is great too. The movement between the outer shell and inner thermal liner reduces feedback though. 

The multiple 'Gel Zone' padded areas on the palm didn't give the best feel, and the callous-covering ridge of padding meant our hands felt as though they were more on top of the bars than wrapped around them. The palm sometimes tended to bunch up towards the thumb and that was a little uncomfortable.

We've had wildly varying experiences with the weatherproofing of the Endura gloves. We had one test pair that would get completely sodden in a few minutes in any serious weather despite their waterproof claims and Deluge name â€" not good. But another set was totally waterproof, even passing the hand-in-bucket test. Getting your hands back in when they're damp is a fight.

This article was compiled from reviews in What Mountain Bike and Mountain Biking UK

Credit: Road Bikes & Gear

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