Friday, March 25, 2011

Niterider Rebel 5.0 cycle computer review

Niterider are better known for lights, but this wireless computer adds altitude to the basics. It needs pairing with its speed sensor, but once that’s done, setup is simple, if slow. The rubber band mount works on stem or bar, but the way it twists into place can make it awkward to mount exactly where you want.

It’s quite a big, tall head unit too, although the barrel magnet and sensor unit are tidy. The big head means current speed, temperature, pace arrow and elapsed time are all constantly displayed with scrollable sub menus, including altimeter and temperature. There’s a backlight, and a cadence add-on for £19.99. The ‘power’ feature works off speed/climb rate/rider weight though, so it’s a vague approximation at best.

Via: Road Bikes & Gear

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