Monday, July 23, 2012

Onza Preda tyre review

A big mountain bike tyre name back in the day, Onza now have Swiss owners and a full range of road and off-road rubber. The Preda delivers impressive performance for the money. 

At just over 200g with a quick-rolling feel, it has all the qualities that racers and trainers are looking for, and delivered reasonably fast wattage results. Fitted to a Powertap rear wheel, the average wattage needed to sustain 20mph was 146 watts.

The relatively soft dual-compound rubber makes it very grippy if you’re heavy on the brakes and cornering lean, so it’s well suited to aggressive riders. The dual ply puncture breaker also shrugs off road debris very well. 

It does feel stiff on rougher roads and the tread wears pretty quickly, but it’s still a bargain if you’re looking to increase your speed.

This article is compiled from reviews originally published in Cycling Plus and Triathlon Plus magazines, available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

Credit: Road Bikes & Gear

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